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Republic Celebrates 1st Year of Business

Since opening their doors for business in March 2018, much has happened for Republic Premier Transit (RPT). Celebrating their one year anniversary, company co-founder, Paul McKinney said, “We started out with one driver and a lot of ideas. Since then, we’ve developed an excellent fleet of owner-operators, opened a second terminal in Savannah, Ga. and grown our customer base exponentially.”

McKinney, a 20-year veteran in the transportation industry, attributes his company’s success to maintaining positive relationships with drivers and employees. “One of our core beliefs is that people are happier and perform better when they are treated better,” McKinney said. “Throughout my career, I have always found that people are more reliable and loyal when they are valued and feel recognized.”

Republic’s ideology is paying off, as what started out as a small operation has blossomed into a fleet of trucks serving a variety of high-volume and notable customers. “We began Republic initially as an agency,” McKinney said. “But, after saving up our pennies and nickels, we were successfully able to go out as our own trucking company.”

RPT’s success is also attributed to choosing Charleston, SC as a starting base. “It’s no secret that the Charleston-area economy is booming,” McKinney said. “Every month the Port Authority releases a report that says the previous month outperformed last year’s record.”

According to the most recent report released by the South Carolina Port Authority on June 11, 2019, container volume for May 2019 was up by 10.4% when compared to May 2018. This increase in percentage amounts to over 4,500 additional containers, with a grand total of over 118,000 containers moved in May.

In combination with record high-volume and the deepening of the harbor, the future looks bright for both Republic Premier Transit and the Port of Charleston. “Part of our mission statement is to make Republic the Southeast’s preferred drayage service,” McKinney said. “We are thrilled by our company’s growth and look forward to increasing our market presence and building our relationships with our customers.”

Although Republic Premier Transit is only celebrating their first year as a company, this business is steeped in experience and expertise in the drayage industry.